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A Personal Journey

If you open your heart and put your life into the hands of God or the universe, things come to you which you don't plan for. That happened to me with Reiki.

I have always had a latent interest in healing since marvelling as a small boy at the healing miracles of Jesus Christ. So perhaps my Reiki journey started there. However, it was not until much later that I became increasingly interested in Oriental, specifically Chinese, philosophy and medicine and in the idea that medicine is designed to keep you healthy and give you long life, so different from the symptom-based medicine of the West.


I learned Qigong from a Chinese master in London, Zhixing Wang, and I also began to practise meditation with the World Community for Christian Meditation. A few years more and I took up the study of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism within the Awakened Heart Sangha and Samye Dzong in London in order to deepen my understanding and practice of meditation and I came to realise its enormous value in both one's health and one's spiritual journey through life. After all, Usui Sensei himself, prior to his revelation in 1922, spent three intensive years in spiritual practice in order to try and achieve full awakening or enlightenment. I myself now practise a form of meditation on a daily basis using the profound Christian method of Centering Prayer. I do feel that the regular practice of meditation can be of great value for any Reiki practitioner.


Before that, I had been an academic teacher for 16 years in both Italy and Britain. Then in 1986 I had trained in massage therapy which led on to the formation of the London School of Sports Massage in 1989, with originally four of us including Mel Cash. That kept me well occupied for 11 years and now I remain as a sleeping director. However, in 1995, two friends of mine asked my to attend a training in Reiki with them. I was curious and also attracted by its Oriental roots, so along I went. It was a revelation of sorts, particularly the sensing of Ki (Chi) energy for the first time. But, it was not until I moved from London to Sussex a year later and took myself off to a Reiki Level II course run by Laura Mason in Rye that I really caught the Reiki fire. It was a wonderful revelation.

In 1998, Laura felt I was ready to undertake the master teacher training. But I must admit, after that I felt my Reiki training was in no way complete (is it ever?) and in 2002 I had the privilege of studying with Frank Arjava Petter, the author of a number of books who had lived and intensively researched Reiki in Japan. He it was who inspired me as he lives the loving spirit of Reiki. He is a true master.

Before that, in late1999, I had nearly moved on to my next life but this had given me the wonderful opportunity to use Reiki for my own successful rehabilitation. The result: absolute confirmation in my own mind of the power of Reiki. I was ready and eager to pass on the opportunity for Reiki healing to others and that I did in both the UK and, sometimes during the winter, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And, now, Reiki is leading me on, helping me on my spiritual journey and deepening my awareness of human consciousness. I am also continuing my studies with Jikiden Reiki, with both Arjava and Tadao Yamaguchi, which is opening my eyes further. What I have discovered is that the transmission of Reiki energy is the realization of an idea; of the intention to help yourself and others. And so the journey continues.