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Usui Reiki Healing Courses

Rei-ki means ‘soul energy’. It is a pure refined source of universal healing energy that flows where it needs to flow, acting on all levels of the receiver’s being to bring health and healing. It is normally applied in a gentle hands-on way, either as self-healing or for the benefit of others. However, it can also radiate out from your eyes or your breath. The giver acts as a channel, with the ki (energy) coming down through the crown chakra to the tanden (dantien) and then out through the hands to the receiver. Its beauty lies in its profound simplicity and its ability to help you treat yourself as well as treating others. It requires only that the receiver is open to receive.

There are three main levels of learning and each involves being given Reiju (initiation) by the teacher of your choice. At Level One (Shoden) you are introduced to the history of Reiki and to Usui Sensei’s (teacher) Five Principles which give you guidelines for developing your qualities as a practitioner. You also do hands-on practice and are shown some useful set hand positions to guide you in the early stages. The learning of Reiki is fun and you are encouraged to come to it with a light, untroubled heart.

At the Second Level (Okuden) you once again receive Reiju which further opens you up to the flow of Reiki energy. You are also taught the three Usui Reiki symbols which act as keys for enhancing your ability to transmit energy through space by means of distance healing. And, finally, you begin to learn how to sense where there are energy blockages and weaknesses so that your hands can be guided to where the healing is needed. In this way you begin to cultivate ever deeper sensitivity and to develop your intuition which will help you wonderfully in your Reiki practice.

The Third Level (Shinpiden) of Reiki has a number of layers to it and is only for those who wish to become professional practitioners and teachers. It requires intensive practice after the first two Levels and a wealth of experience of giving treatments and of cultivating your own awareness. You come to it when you are ready and probably not before you have been practising for two years or more. There is no hurry.


Reiki Courses in Somerset


Courses take place in Corfe, near Taunton.          

If you are interested do please email or phone us on

Tel: 01823 421796 for details or use the form on the contact us page

I teach ALL three levels of Usui Reiki

Reiki Master/Teacher courses take place over four days and are by mutual arrangement. Once again, just contact me to make a booking.