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Wishing you peace, joy and abundant health always.
Wrio Russell
Reiki Teacher/Practitioner

About Reiki

This form of natural healing was revealed to an inspiring Japanese spiritual teacher called Mikao Usui Sensei in 1922 as he sat fasting in retreat on Mount Kurama. He gave it the name REIKI, meaning ‘spiritual life force energy’. And this method of Reiki healing has now spread round the world in order to help humanity which is as he wanted it to be.

Sometimes, our normal body energy gets blocked or weakened, or is insufficient, and that is when we become unwell. Reiki helps us to loosen the energy blockage within the body system and eliminate the toxins so that the body can then heal.

 Reiki helps us to heal ourselves

 Reiki helps us to give healing to others

 Reiki is a guide for our path through life

 Reiki is always available

Courses & Treatments

with Wrio Russell

Courses  (in Usui Reiki)
There are three main teaching levels of Reiki healing, known as:
SHINPIDEN (master/teacher)
The first two each take place normally over two days. The master/teacher level is more extensive, and is usually taken after about two years of working with the Reiki.
All the fundamentals of Reiki practice are taught on the courses. That said, most of the learning is through your own ongoing experience and self-development.
Costs: Shoden £120
Okuden £220
Shinpiden £500 

Reiki treatments and therapy can help you in a holistic way with all sorts of conditions such as physical aches and pains, sciatica, headache, stomach ache, recovery from surgery and illness, and both physical and mental/emotional stress.

You can also learn to treat yourself and to discover what power you have within you to use for your own well-being and also for the well-being of others.

You pay what you can afford for treatments.
A proportion goes to SOS Bahini, a charity helping poor girls and their mothers in Pokhara, Nepal. 

About Wrio

“In 1986, I trained in Massage Therapy after a career in academic teaching and I became a co-founder of the London School of Sports Massage. However, my interest had always been in the holistic Oriental approach to health and healing which believes in a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit and, in 1995, I was guided to Reiki healing in London. Six years later I completed my training as a teacher and practitioner under the well-known master/teacher, Frank Arjava Petter, a pupil of Mrs Yamaguchi who herself had trained under Hayashi sensei in Japan. And my training is now ongoing in Jikiden Reiki with him and other teachers (sensei). My belief in the power of Reiki was confirmed in 2000 when it miraculously helped to restore my health after a serious illness. I now use Reiki, Centering Prayer and Tai Chi regularly for helping to maintain my own health and well-being in all ways.

My joy is to bring the natural healing power of Reiki into the lives of others for their good and the good of all around them. It is ideal for helping family and friends and all you love.” 

Mobile: (+44) 07903-504795 (UK)
Tel: (+44) 01823-421796

(Member: UK Reiki Federation
Jikiden Reiki UK Association )
Reiki Gokai
Kyo dake wa                    (just for today)
Ikaru na                          (do not be angry)
Shinpai suna                   (do not be anxious)
Kansha shite                   (be grateful)
Gyo o hage me               (do your duty)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni         (be kind to others)

Our Location

From 2023, I shall be offering treatments and training courses solely in the Taunton area, in Somerset. I shall be based there now for the foreseeable future.

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